Alert Level 2 Response Required

Dear Parents/Caregivers,
This is a reminder that we are requesting a response from all parents/caregivers in order to ensure a safe environment at school. We also need to plan for a modified version of our Home Learning programme which will continue for those students not returning during Alert Level 2. It is important that you respond to the following:
Let us know by Wednesday 13 May if you will send your child to school or will keep your child home. Please respond to your classroom teacher(s) or email to indicate one of the following:
I will send my child (children) to school during Alert Level 2 starting Monday 18 May.  
My child (children) will stay at home until further notice.

Please find attached a letter containing information about Alert Level 2 at Sunnybrae that was sent yesterday.
Thank you for your support.

Kind regards

Karen Rodger
Deputy Principal
Sunnybrae Normal School