Newsletter Term 3 Week 9

Newsletter – Week 9 Term 3 2020

Important Dates

Monday 21 September

New Zealand Chinese Language Week

Mental Health Awareness Week

Find-out-a-thon Prize Draw

Tuesday 22 September

PTA Meeting – 7:00 pm

Friday 25 September

End of Term 3 – School Finishes at 3:00 pm

In this issue:

1. Welcome to Sunnybrae

2. Alert Level 2.5 Continues

3. Teacher Only Days 2020

4. Planning for 2021

5. Travelwise Update

6. Sunnybrae Road Shop Parking

7. New Zealand Chinese Language Week

8. The Arts Update

9. Strategic Goal – Wellbeing

10. PB4L – Positive Behaviour for Learning Update

11. Community Engagement – Sunnybrae Bush Project

12. Touch Rugby

13. Māori Language Week Photos

+ Community Notices

1. Welcome to Sunnybrae

This week we would like to welcome the following new students and their families to Sunnybrae and Room 2: Jiyu Choi and Talia Cameron.

2. Alert Level 2.5 Continues

No Parents/Caregivers on school grounds at Alert Level 2.5 due to contact tracing.

Drop Off at the Gate 8:30 – 8:45 am

Pick Up at the Gate      Year 1 @ 2:55 pm        Year 2 – 6 @ 3:00 pm

Thank you for your continued support to help us keep everyone safe.

3. Teacher Only Days 2020

Last day of Term 3 = Friday 25 September.

School holidays = Saturday 26 September – Sunday 11 October.

Sunnybrae Normal School closed for 2 Teacher Only Days on:

Monday 12 October – Teacher Only Day – School Closed

Tuesday 13 October – Teacher Only Day – School Closed

YMCA Childcare Programme October 12 + 13

– to support families needing childcare on the Teacher Only Days:

Monday 12 October: Sports Galore Programme – the group will walk down to the YMCA to participate in a sports programme from 9:30 am – 2:30 pm.

Tuesday 13 October: Crafty Creatures – an arts and craft day held in our school hall.

Cost: $40.00 per day for 9:00 am – 3:00 pm or $50.00 per day for 7:00 am – 6:00 pm.

4. Planning for 2021

We are currently planning for next year. If your child is in Year 1 – 5 and they will not be returning to Sunnybrae in 2021, please email our Deputy Principal, Karen Rodger at

If you have a child turning 5 next year, please make sure you enrol them at the office as soon as possible. Please also encourage any new families, ‘Out of Zone’ and ‘In Zone’ to enrol their children as soon as they can as this helps with future planning. For enrolment forms and further information about ‘Out of Zone’ opportunities in 2021, please email or call into our office between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm weekdays.

5. Travelwise Update

Thank you to our Year 5 Travelwise Team who helped out Mrs Hanson and Matt Swettingham from Auckland Transport at the crossing last week: Lewis Snape, Hannah Shin, Dominic Emms, Charlotte Barlow, Sophia Suresh, Mika Delowe, Ryujiro Kudo, Sienna Fitzgerald, Ximon Nang-Is and Anne Nagafuchi. 

Using the Crossing on Sunnybrae Road

A reminder to parents to please use the crossing and not to cut across the road while the crossing is operating. It is important that as adults we are setting a good example.

No Right Hand Turn

A reminder that when using the bus bay to drop off your child/children please do not turn right out of the school driveway as this is dangerous.

6. Sunnybrae Road Shop Parking

We are very lucky to have the support of the lovely retailers in the block of shops opposite our school. We ask that you respect their businesses and not use the parking in front of of the shops for prolonged periods of time when dropping your children off or picking them up at the end of the day. Many of our parents are parking in car spaces that are essential for use of their customers and clients. A reminder that the back of the shops is Private Property and is not available for parking.  Working together we can strengthen our community.

7.  NZ Chinese Language Week

Sunday 20 September – Saturday 26 September 2020

New Zealand Chinese Language Week (NZCLW) is a Kiwi-driven initiative that aims to increase Chinese language learning in New Zealand. NZCLW seeks to bridge the cultural and linguistic knowledge gap between China and New Zealand by delivering fun and practical initiatives that assist Kiwis to learn Chinese, ranging from programmes and resources in schools and libraries to business and government organisations.

Next week we are celebrating NZ Chinese Language Week in the following ways:

  • Encouraging our Chinese students to wear their traditional clothing on Wednesday 23rd September.
  • Displaying books and artefacts in our school library.
  • Completing literacy, numeracy and art activities that acknowledge the Chinese language.

8. The Arts Update

Most of our Music and Cultural groups are again, up and running. We admire how the students are adaptable and show commitment to these groups despite the disruptions. Please note Kids4kids choir will not be on Tuesday morning next week. We will have an extended rehearsal in the afternoon instead.


This week in class we have done the body scan activity. This is an activity which boosts body-awareness, and helps students to relax and manage their feelings. You might like to try this at home. Get your child to start with some tummy breathing, either sitting up or lying down. Then read the below script in a calm, slow voice…

“Today we are going to do an activity that will help you notice the sensations in your body while you’re relaxing. This is part of mindfulness. So I would like you to sit comfortably in your seat, to rest your arms in your lap and to place your feet firmly on the ground. Now close your eyes so you can focus on your body.

Firstly, notice how your feet feel on the floor. Can you feel the weight of your feet? Are they heavy or light? Notice the bottom of your feet, and the tops of your feet. Then focus on your toes and move your attention from toe to toe.

Bring your attention to the tops of your feet and toward your ankles. If you are wearing socks, can you feel them on your ankles? What sensation can you feel, is it soft or tingly or so light you can’t feel that sensation. Move towards your knees & focus on what your lower leg feels on the way, do you feel your clothing, or are your legs bare? When you get to your knee what can you feel at the front of your knee? What about at the back of your knee.

Move to your thighs, the front of your thighs and the back of your thighs. How do they feel on the chair? Can you feel your weight on the chair? Do they feel heavier underneath and lighter on top?

Let’s move to your back and how it feels resting against the chair. Does your back feel relaxed? Is it supported by the chair? Move up your back to your shoulders, and notice if they are tight or relaxed. Take some deep breaths. Whatever you feel, just notice it and remain still.

Now go toward your tummy and notice how it feels to breathe in and breathe out. Notice how you are breathing, is your chest moving up and down?

Move your attention back to your shoulders. Then move your focus down your arms, feeling your elbows, your forearms. Let your attention rest for a moment on your hands. Do they feel light or heavy? Warm or cold? Notice your palms, the back of your hands and your fingers, can you feel each finger and fingertip? 

Let’s go back up to your shoulders and neck. Notice your neck and throat and any tightness you may feel.

Bring your awareness slowly up to the front of your face. Be aware of any tightness, relaxation or pressure. Then turn your attention to your eyes and feel the weight of your eyelids as they rest over your eyes.

Move your attention to your nose. Notice the feeling of air as it passes through your nostrils. Is it warm or cool? Feel your cheeks and your jaw. Is your jaw clenched or loose? Just notice what you are feeling and continue to breathe through these sensations. Feel your mouth, your teeth, your lips, the light pressure of skin on skin, softness, coolness.

Now let’s move to the back of your head. Notice any hair which you may feel on your neck or ears, move toward your ears, simply notice any sounds you hear. Move to the top of your head and notice whatever sensations are there, whether tingly or tense, or whether you don’t feel anything at all. Slowly notice your whole body; scanning from top to toe. And now let’s finish off with 2 or 3 tummy breaths. As you go through your day, see if you can notice some of these sensations in your body.

10. PB4L – Respect

This week our PB4L focus has been on showing respect everywhere. 

Our lessons have focused on: 

  • Using listening ears.
  • Using kind words.
  • Listening to the teacher’s instructions.


12. Touch Rugby – Term 4

If your child is interested in playing Touch Rugby for Sunnybrae in Term 4, please download the form from this link. Alternatively, your child can collect a form from Mrs Hutton next week. If you require any further information, please contact Carolyn Hutton – 

13. Māori Language Week Photos

Te Reo Māori – a taonga for us all 
Māori language week gave us an opportunity to celebrate Te Reo Māori within our classrooms and across the school. It was lovely to see our Māori students come together for a photo this week in front of a display within the library. 

14. Mary Poppins

2 Oct – 18 October



The supercalifragilisticexpialidocious musical, Mary Poppins, will be seen in a stunning, New Zealand produced season this October. The magical story of the world’s favourite nanny is triumphantly and spectacularly brought to the stage with dazzling choreography, incredible effects and unforgettable songs.

Nick Brown, Sunnybrae Board of Trustees

Our very own Board of Trustees member, Nick Brown will be performing in the show. Thank you to Nick and the producers who have supplied 2 tickets to the student who has raised the most money across the school for our Find-out-a-thon.

You can purchase tickets for you and your family by clicking on this link.

Community Notices


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